Why Kim Guadagno’s Legalized Prostitution Comment Highlights GOP Failures in New Jersey

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TRENTON, N.J.-Kim Guadano is walking back her comments about legalizing prostitution in New Jersey, saying it was just a joke, but on her segment with NJ 101.5’s Bill Spadea, it didn’t sound like a joke.

Guadagno, who lost her election for Governor to perhaps one of New Jersey’s worst governors ever, Phil Murphy exhibited exactly why she could not rally a solid GOP base in New Jersey last year to vote for her.

Chris Christie and Congressman Chris Smith may be the last state level Republican in New Jersey to have a backbone and stand behind the values of the minority of Republican and moderate to right independents in the state.  It’s why he won two elections in a blue state.  Smith is often criticized by the far right, but he knows how to compromise to get the job done.

Since Christie’s departure, the state GOP has tried to play the “We’re not THAT Republican” game with voters and in every scenario, they have lost and lost in a bad way.   Republicans fail to see, that their opponents diehard base isn’t going to vote for a Republican, no matter how blue he paints his skin…and the New Jersey GOP has used up a lot of blue paint in the past two years.

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Guadagno’s comments on legalizing prostitution show how out of touch she and the party are with the average moderate and conservative thinker in New Jersey.  Not only does she advocate for legalizing prostitution, but she claimed prostitution is a victimless crime.  As a former prosecutor, we know she knows this is not the case.  It never was. It never will be.

Prostitution is the driving force behind human trafficking.   It’s safe to say that even Phil Murphy is not so far gone to even think this is a good idea.  It all makes you reminisce about the Chris Christie meme, “Miss me yet?”     Yes, in some ways, we do.

While good, hard working Republicans, like Congressman Chris Smith are working the back rooms of Washington, D.C. to fight human sex trafficking which Kim, is a big deal, we have the losing Demo-Republicans of New Jersey acting more like Democrats than the Jersey Democrats at times.  Smith refers to human trafficking as the “modern day slavery”.

There is hope for Guadagno, perhaps she can lobby U.S. Senator Robert Menendez to legal prostitution, you know, because his free air fare to the Dominican Republic has expired, but her hopes of ever winning an election in New Jersey should be clearly over.

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Now that I’m not running for office, let’s legalize a victimless crime and tax it up the wazoo,” Guadagno told NJ 101.5 radio host Bill Spadea. “I’m talking about legalized prostitution.  It’s better for women, they’ll get good medical care, it will cut out the middle man if you know what I mean.”

Even the most liberal of newspapers in America, the New York Times has debunked the myth that prostitution is a victimless crime.

Guadagno then channeled her inner Hillary, “What is the difference?”

She went on to criticize the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey, that would make an entire generation of children potheads…you know…as opposed to them growing up to be street corner hookers on your local street corner.

Guadagno criticized the Murphy administration for using a tax amnesty program to close a budget gap, admitting, “That’s what we used to pull.”

“If you need the money, legalize prostitution,” she said.

Here are just a few reasons why prostitution is not on the same level as marijuana, with statistics by the U.S. Department of Health and a study by the University of Rhode Island.  Most prostitutes find their way into the trade between the ages of 14 and 17.   Prostitutes are beaten on average, 1.2 times per year.  The murder rate for prostitutes is 204 for every 100,000, that’s 20 times the national homicide rate.   Between 75% and 95% of prostitutes confess they were abused as children.     58% of female prostitutes have reported physical and sexual assaults to the police.  20% of female prostitutes are robbed by customers.

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Yet, today, Republicans in New Jersey can’t figure out why they are losing to the likes of Bob Menendez and radical leftists like Andy Kim.  They have lost the faith of those who would actually vote for them because they don’t even realize it, but they are the moderate Democrats of New Jersey these days.

If all goes well, the NJ GOP can be the party of legalized prostitution in 2021 and Phil Murphy can win another term.



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