Hero New Jersey Cop Climbs Burning Building to Save Children

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NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – On Saturday night, patrol units were dispatched at approximately 1019pm to reports of multiple buildings on fire on Albury Way and Kempsey Drive, within the Governor’s Point section.

Officers arrived quickly and discovered one building at that intersection to be heavily involved with fire. The fire had already consumed the majority of the breezeway that contained all of the building’s exit doors. Officers went to the doors that they could still get to to clear/evacuate those units.



Several officers located two children and their grandparents to be stranded on a second-floor balcony, trapped by the approaching fire.

One Officer scaled the balconies, got to the second floor, dropped down the children to Officers waiting below, then assisted the grandparents over the railing to Officers below as well. An off-duty NY/NJ Port Authority Police Officer that lives nearby also assisted our Officers by catching one of the children. We are very happy to report that there were NO serious injuries as a result of this incident.


The North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department arrived quickly as well, and went to work on the blaze.

They worked tirelessly through the night to extinguish the fire completely.

The Fire is investigated by our Detectives along with the North Brunswick Fire Marshal’s Office, in conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. At this time, the fire has been deemed accidental, possibly as a result of Holiday decorations, or a Menorah.

“This should serve as a reminder to please be safe with any holiday decorations and or religious articles. We always recommend using something other than candlelit items if they will be out of view at all,” the department said, “Please keep all smoke detectors in good working order and batteries fresh. There is no doubt that working smoke alarms saved lives during this incident. Please be safe!”