Mayor Forces Homeowner to Reduce Light Show Hours


OLD BRIDGE-Owen Henry, the mayor of Old Bridge Township who is quickly earning the reputation of the “Garden State Grinch” is at it again.  This time, after unsuccessfully trying to extort homeowner Thomas Apruzzi out of tens of thousands of dollars to run his Christmas light show at his home, he has forced Apruzzi to limit the show times to weekends only.

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The TA Sprinklers Light Show will now only run from Friday through Sunday from 6pm to 9:45 pm.  Apruzzi will be barred from running his display during the week.

Residents fear the mayor’s latest shakedown could cause even more problems.

Because of the mayor, the traffic is going to be 50 times worse. All those visitors crammed into three days instead of 7. What a dope,” Jennifer Hayes said.

This mayor is a jerk. We came by the first weekend and we loved it. Hopefully everything will work out,” said Kim Holden.


Some even took aim at Henry’s political career, noting that he is up for re-election in 2019.

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I hope for Christmas you get a new mayor,” said Lenny Thor.

“He is the grinch,” said Jean Tortoriello.