List of Changes. Definitive Edition of New Super Mario Bros U

by Vincent

The definitive edition of New Super Mario Bros U. Basically a port of the Wii U game with quality of life changes, new characters and includes New Super Luigi U expansion.

Here are the list of changes I’ve noticed:

1. Now play as Luigi, Toad, Mario, Toadette and Nabbit in single player in both Mario Bros U and Luigi U.

In original, only can play Mario in Mario Bros U, and Luigi & Nabbit in Luigi U

Cannot select multiple of the same characters when playing multiplayer

2. New characters: Nabbit* and Toadette.

Both as basically OP (Over Powered) characters like Funky Kong in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch

Both are resistant to ice and swim faster

Able to stop on a dime after running

Gain additional 100 seconds on the timer

Toadette and Nabbit are labeled as easy and very easy respectively


-No longer exclusive character to New Super Luigi U. Can be played in the core game

-Cannot Ride Yoshi

-Can now carry objects

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-Immune to all attacks from enemies

Still knock back though. Exceptions to immunity: lava, poison, pits, spikes and if you run out of time

-If you collect power ups it coverts to 1up at the end of level


-Able to get Super Crown* Power up and turn into Peachette

*Toadette is the only character who can get this power up

-Peachette abilities: similar to flying squirrel power up. Float/glide, and double jump, but cannot attach to walls

-Resistant to ice, increase swim speed

-All 1up mushrooms shows up as 3-up moons instead

3. Portable.

No longer tethered to Wii U console. Able to take this game anywhere assuming you there’s battery on the Switch

4. Hint button on menu screen

No need to go back to home screen

5. HD rumble.

Rumble is very prevalent in the game from shooting fireballs to going up/down a warp pipe

6. Challenges return.

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No boost mode due to no duel screen

7. Spin jump.

Now auto spins when pressing jump button twice instead of having it’s own dedicated button or shake control.

8. HUD/menu screen.

Cleaner and easier on eyes

9. Higher resolution

Native 1080 (TV) 720p (handheld/tabletop) vs Dynamic 1080p (TV), 720 (Wii U game pad)

10 (?). Misc:

No miiverse support seeing the service is no longer active (also for Wii U)

No new levels which is also disappointing

–Personal Impressions:

Basically the same game you played on the Wii U but with more options.

Note that this game is a full priced $60 game at launch. New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U Bundle for Wii U is part of the Nintendo Selects line for $30 if you’re able to find it.

Portability is a huge factor, easier access means more play time, especially if you share the TV with friends/family/housemates

Personally don’t like the double tap to spin jump. Feels more in control if I had a dedicated button like the original

If you don’t own a Wii U or never played this game before, it’s one of the best 2D Mario games out there. If you did play it before, not a lot have changed especially if you’re good at platformers as there’s no additional levels to play through, just a few additional characters to make the game more accessible to newcomers.

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