Where is Jersey Girl Piper Perabo When Jersey Girl Katie Brennan Could Use a Little Help?


TOMS RIVER, NJ-Piper Perabo, a D-list actress from Toms River made headlines during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings when she stood up to protest in support of the #metoo movement and was forcibly removed and arrested.

Since then, she has become a celebrity advocate for the far left Democrats in America.

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Now, Perabo has the perfect opportunity to prove she’s not just a shill for left or a partisan hack. Back in September, Perabo bragged about her arrest, saying “I was arrested for what I believe in.”  She believed in the rights of a victim of sexual assault and rewarding a man she felt did it with one of the most powerful politically appointed positions in America.

She was protesting Brett Kavanaugh over alleged sexual assault allegations from over 30 years ago by Doctor Christine Ford.  Today, in her own state, a woman is going through far much worse than Ford, actually being raped by a man in a politically powerful position…and the whole thing is being covered up by New Jersey’s far left.

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Why isn’t this “Toms River Girl” going to the hearings being held by the state?  Why isn’t she disrupting and engaging in civil disobedience in her own home state where the politically powerful are trying to destroy a young woman to protect their own political careers?


These days, Perabo is pal’ing around Twitter with the likes of Rashida Tlaib, Christine Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo and Alyssa Milano…smacking down the boys at Covington High School, you know…important things.

We’d love to see Perabo stand up for Katie Brennan, who is enduring perhaps the worst treatment of a woman in politics in the history of New Jersey, while the men who control the power in the Garden State are just tossing her into the pig pen to be eaten and turned to compost.  Put that newly discovered star power to use for something good, something right.

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Why sit back and watch?

The answer is because Piper Perabo’s d-list theatrics during the Kavanaugh hearings were just a political stunt to be accepted by the Hollywood leftists.  She never really cared about Dr. Ford.  It was just a political stunt.

Will Perabo use her star power to get “Justice for Katie”?  Stay tuned.

Prove us wrong.