Assmbleyman Peters Lobbying Jersey Towns to Not Act on Rain Tax Boards

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New Jersey Assemblyman Ryan Peters is out to thwart Governor Phil Murphy’s rain tax by urging municipalities to not use mother nature and Murphy’s bad idea to fund their local governments.

“I’ll be reaching out to every mayor, deputy mayor and council member I can to implore them not to crush our residents with another new tax,” Peters said. “If I can get enough towns to band together, hopefully, more will follow and residents and businesses won’t ever have to see a rain tax added to their monthly bills.”

He blamed Murphy and his Democrats for using rain as a way to further shakedown New Jersey taxpayers.

“When Democrats introduced this, they justified it by saying towns need a funding source to treat stormwater runoff. I’m sorry, but are the state’s highest property taxes in the nation not enough of a funding source?” Peters added. “This won’t only create another tax separate from what property taxpayers and business owners pay, but it will also create another level of bureaucracy and salaries that any new revenue will go towards funding. Towns have public works and other departments that budget property taxes to handle this.”

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