Agudath Israel Claims Jackson Township is “Erecting a Wall on Lakewood Border”

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LAKEWOOD-Another lawsuit has been filed against the Township of Jackson by Agudath Israel of America (AIoA) on behalf of Orthodox Jewish residents living in the community.   This new lawsuit personally cites Mayor Michael Reina, Councilman Robert Nixon, former Business Administrator Helene Schlegel and three other township officials as defendants in the case.

According to the lawsuit, AIoA claims these individuals are acting on their own to personally target and discriminate against Orthodox Jewish residents in the township as actors in a “common scheme” with “hostile” local residents, to prevent Orthodox Jews from moving to Jackson Township and to subject them to harassment if they do.

AIoA claims the township is engaging in a longstanding, coordinated scheme against the Orthodox Jewish community that resides here.

The lawsuit references township ordinances regulating school construction, eruvs and dormitories as evidence that the township is targeting the community.  The filing also claims that Jackson Township is building a wall along its eastern border with Lakewood to keep Orthodox Jews out.

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“The ordinances were enacted as part of a campaign to erect a wall on its border with Lakewood Township,” the suit claims. “Where many Orthodox Jews live, in order to discourage them from moving into Jackson.”

AIoA claims Mayor Michael Reina told residents “don’t sell” to Jewish buyers and said Council President Rob Nixon called Orthodox Jews “reprehensible” and a threat to the Jackson Township community.