Brick Man Arrested for Choking 9 Year Old Daughter in Key West

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KEY WEST, FL-A Brick Township man was arrested during spring break while with his family in Key West, Florida.    On Tuesday, April 23rd, Scott Willand Alino, 47 was charaged with child neglect.

It happened at the Hogfish Bar & Grill after Alino said his daughter was misbehaving.   A restaurant employee concerned for the child’s safety called 911 after being concerned Alino’s 9 year old daughter was losing conciousness while he was choking her.

Alino, according to sheriff’s deputies then threatened the employee.

Upon arrival, he told officers, ” “The girl was misbehaving and that he placed his hand on her shoulder and neck area, adding that he didn’t need anyone telling him how to raise his children.”

After reviewing security footage at the restaurant, Alino was arrested and taken to jail.