Tax Problems Continue Plaguing Ocean County GOP

POINT PLEASANT BEACH-Paul Kanitra, a Point Pleasant political lobbyist who says his firm takes in over $1,000,000 annually is in trouble with the IRS.  The IRS claims Kanitra owes $151,541 in unpaid taxes and wants their money.

Kanitra doesn’t dispute that he owes the money, but the scenario has become a familiar one in Ocean County GOP circles.

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In 2008, Toms River Councilman, now Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin wrangled with over $125,000 in tax liens.  He was running for mayor and had to drop out of the race because of it.

Earlier this year, Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore stepped down from his position during his court battle with the IRS over a tax dispute.

Now, Kinatra is facing his own legal challenges heading into Tuesday’s primary election against incumbent Mayor Stephen Reid.  Kinatra said he is working on resolving his IRS tax woes, but that’s not enough for Reid, who called upon Kinatra to drop from the race.

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“That’s a real problem. He just ignored paying his taxes for three years,” Reid said in a Patch story. “Someone like that should resign right away.”