Toms River, Not Lakewood is Most “Under Construction” Town at the Jersey Shore

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TOMS RIVER-Toms River has been ranked the second most “under construction” town in the state of New Jersey, according to a report today in the Asbury Park Press.    According to the report, Toms River awarded 6,451 building permits, including 65 addition permits worth over $5.4 million and 377 new construction permits totaling over $100 million as rapid development is reshaping northern Toms River.

Toms River was #2 in the state in total volume of construction permits, trailing only Jersey City who issued 6,571 versus Toms River’s 6,451 permits.

When it came to total value of construction projects, Toms River finished 10th with $179 million in total construction costs in 2018.

Although Lakewood Township is often criticized for its rampant overdevelopment, the report showed that Lakewood’s total permit issuance was just over half that of Toms River last year, with the township issuing 3,334 permits, 2/3 of which came in the form of alterations of existing structures.

Toms River candidate for Mayor Jonathan Petro, who is campaigning against Maurice “Mo” Hill laid partial blame on Hill.

“New building permits in Toms River nearly doubled that of Lakewood for 2018. Toms River issued 6,451 building permits, compared to 3,334 building permits in Lakewood. In the State of New Jersey, only Jersey City issued more building permits with a total of 6,571, making Toms River #2 in the state for new construction permits,” Petro said. “Where was Mo Hill during all this development? On the Toms River Council, approving it.”

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