Swamp Thing: Former NJ Governor Whitman Calls for Removal of Trump from Office

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TRENTON-After reading former Governor Christie Todd Whitman’s column in the Star-Ledger about Trump’s criticism of America-haters in Congress, two things are certain.  Whitman still is a D.C. “Swamp Thing” and she has fallen far herself.

Her time as Governor in New Jersey wasn’t much better than Phil Murphy’s current administration.  After all, it was Whitman who declared New York City’s ground zero air quality as safe after the devastating 9/11 attacks, but other than the hundreds who have died and fallen ill since those days, who is still paying attention to that?

This week, she railed the President for responding to the bullying, racially motivated attacks against America by women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Illhan Omar and the other whack-pack Democratic Socialist liberals and “Justice Democrats” the only way it will ever work…by out bullying the bullies.

Whitman has lost her mind…maybe it was all the air she was sniffing after 9/11 going to her mind…wait, as head of the EPA, she only visited the site twice.

“Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C. that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink.” She said after her two brief visits. “The concentrations are such that they don’t pose a health hazard…We’re going to make sure everybody is safe.”

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“In response to Trump’s tweets against these congresswomen (which he continues to defend), a Virginia church put up a sign stating, “America: Love it or Leave it” in front of the building. Freedom of speech is a basic tenet of our democracy, and separation of church and state has been a foundation of our Constitution, yet the two are so contorted here, it can be hard to unwind. On Wednesday night, the president stood before a campaign rally audience that began chanting, “Send her back!” in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. While he subsequently has denied that he encouraged that, for an extended period of time he basked in it and didn’t resume his speech until the chant died down on its own. How have we fallen this far that a mob would suggest forcefully sending an American citizen elsewhere as a result of her suggestions for improvements to our country,” Whitman said in defense of Muslim Radical sympathizer Ilhan. “Our president has shown time and again that he is comfortable demonizing his opponents with broad strokes. Immigrants, congressional representatives, women both specific and in general, and religious minorities have all been subjected to his acrimonious attacks, but these particular tweets were not merely a racist dog whistle. They were a bugle.

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Whitman needs to stand down because it’s RINO’s like her that have driven New Jersey to where we are today, last in almost everything good and first in almost everything bad nationwide.

Trump was the Republican nominee for President. She claims to be a “conservative”.  She is not.  She claims to be a Republican.  She is not.  She is no longer a leader of New Jersey conservatives and needs to stop pretending she is.

“2020 is our chance to refute the undermining of our basic institutions by this administration and demand that our representatives, on both sides of the aisle, stand up for our democratic principles. The rule of law matters, ethics matter, freedom of speech and the press matters, and the truth matters,” Whitman said, calling upon the removal of President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

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We would like to see the New Jersey GOP stand behind our President, their party’s President and denounce Swamp Thing Whitman and let us know they are indeed committed to draining the swamp in this year’s assembly elections.



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