Berkeley Mayor to State Legislators: Get Your Own House In Order Before Meddling in the Homes of Senior Citizens

Many New Row Houses on a street

Mayor seeks formal Council Resolution opposing A3851, the Assembly companion bill of S2425 “New Jersey Common Interest Ownership Act.”

BERKELEY – Mayor Carmen Amato continues his strong opposition to state legislation that could impact local age-restricted communities governance. “We stand united with our 55 plus communities, in strong opposition to Trenton’s over-reach to govern and adopt a policy in homeowner associations and Condo complexes.” Mayor Amato said.

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In June of this year, Senate Bill S2425 “New Jersey Common Interest Ownership Act.” was approved by the Senate. It’s companion bill in the Assembly, A3851 is awaiting consideration in the Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee. A hearing date has not been set.

Council President Thomas Grosse said “We have deep concerns about this far-reaching legislation. We stand by the autonomy of our age-restricted communities.”

“Our homeowner associations in our age-restricted communities are all well run, by highly qualified and dedicated volunteers. They all serve their prospective communities very well. They understand the needs of the residents they serve and govern accordingly.” Mayor Amato said.

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“We are deeply concerned that if this legislation is signed into law, Trenton will no doubt force its will on and meddle in association business. That is completely wrong. Trenton should focus its efforts and energies on getting its own house in order, before meddling in our homeowner’s associations.” Mayor Amato said.

Councilwoman Judy Noonan, who also serves as President of the Holiday City and Silver Ridge Coalition has been a strong opponent to S2425, said “The State is sticking its nose in our business. This legislation talks about our bylaws and everything. It’s a disgrace.”

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Councilwoman Sophia Gingrich, who represents the Fourth Ward said “This legislation is troubling. We cannot allow Trenton to interfere with the operations of our senior communities, especially when there is no need to.”

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