Author Evelyn Fannell Shares her Journey of Loss and Hope

Joseph Fannell was just twenty-two years-old when he lost his life, the victim of a senseless car accident. A brother, an uncle, a budding spoken word performance artist, and an expert at sinking two and three-pointers, he was most of all, my beloved son.

“Remember to Breathe” chronicles the stages of a journey through loss. It describes the agony, sadness, and challenges.

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Join Author Evelyn Fannell Saturday, October 5th at the Book Warehouse of Jackson (537 Monmouth Rd. Jackson, NJ, Ste#156) as she opens up, showing the good, along with the bad of her journey after the loss of her son. Perhaps her story will offer you a bit of solace and some needed hope to get through the very worst life can offer. Even if it’s just one day, one breath at a time. Book signing is from 12-4P. Visit for more info.