New Jersey Assemblyman Hal Wirths Calls on DOJ to Halt Murphy/Grewal Immigrant Trust Directive


TRENTON-Hal Wirths, a conservative Republican running for re-election with Assemblyman Parker Space, owner of Space Farms Museum is calling upon the Department of Justice to investigate Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General’s Immigrant Trust Directive.

To many, the directive represents New Jersey’s official designation as a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

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“The Murphy administration’s Immigrant Trust Directive is preventing the federal government from enforcing immigration laws and puts out a welcome mat for illegal immigrants who want to commit crimes,” Wirths said. “These sanctuary state directives are tying the hands of local law enforcement officers, putting the lives of our children and residents at risk and violating federal laws.”

Withs says the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause states that federal law takes precedence over state laws and prohibits states from interfering with the power of, or assuming functions exclusive to, the federal government. The Supreme Court has upheld that the federal government has inherent sovereign power to regulate immigration.

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“Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is following through on Murphy’s agenda to make New Jersey a sanctuary for illegal immigrants,” he added. “The Murphy administration should take full responsibility for releasing criminals back into the community because sheriffs can’t cooperate with ICE. This is a dangerous agenda and I am asking for the Department of Justice to step in and put a stop to it.”

Attorney General Grewel’s Immigrant Trust Directive significantly limits law enforcement’s cooperation with federal immigration authorities, Wirths said.  He aded that early this week, the AG updated the directive to strictly prohibit 287(g) agreements, which allows designated state and local officers to work with ICE to identify incarcerated illegal immigrants with criminal charges or convictions. The revised directives further undermine the safety of New Jerseyans and were issued after illegal immigrants arrested for sexual assault of a minor and domestic violence were released despite an ICE detainer request.

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