Frank Pallone, Jr. Endorses All Female Slate in Atlantic Highlands


ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr., who has held a firm grip on New Jersey’s 6th legislative district has endorsed the all-female slate of candidates in Atlantic Highlands.  This endorsement could spell trouble for the opponents.

In 2015, the troubled Atlantic Highlands Republican Club was a dealt a blow when former two-term mayor Frederick Rast III blasted his fellow Republicans.

“This November is an important election,” Rast said before yeilding power in 2016.  “I urge you all to support our Republican Freeholder, Assembly, State and County Clerk candidates. They have all been very supportive of our community and helped us all greatly with the major incidents that have occurred over the past eight years.  On the local level, I have a different view.”

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According to the Asbury Park Press, Rast chastised Atlantic Highlands Republicans, saying, “Local Republican leadership is more concerned with advancing the party’s interests than what is right for the town.”

In a long letter, Rast claimed local Republican political leaders, including the club chairwoman, Jane Frotton had tried to “run the borough” through her political clout.