German Exchange Students Welcomed at Toms River South

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High School South has welcomed 21 students and two teachers from Pfullingen, Germany, who are currently in town for a two-week stay. The students, who arrived Oct. 18, are part of an exchange program run by Mr. DeMarco and Mrs. Walsh. Students spend their time living with host families in the area and attending school at HSS. Various cultural excursions are also part of the program, including trips to Double Trouble State Park, the boardwalk, Island Beach State Park, and even Argo’s farm to go pumpkin picking. Of course, attending football games and the Halloween parade are also on the itinerary, as well as participating in the many school spirit-related activities HSS has to offer.

The 21 participants from HSS will then travel to Germany in July for the second half of the exchange, where they will spend two weeks living with families, attending school, and going on cultural excursions to nearby attractions. The goal of the German Exchange Program, now in its third year, is to provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience another culture as no tourist can, and to foster cultural understanding and improve language skills.