Dennis Rodman Says Kim Jong Un Visit to U.S. Biggest Thing to Hit America Since Jesus


In a recent episode of the “Get WealthFit” podcast, NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman suggested that a U.S.-North Korea summit could take place on American soil by January.

“Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump asks Kim Jong Un to come to America in 3 months,” predicted Rodman. “He’ll be the biggest thing to hit American soil since Jesus.”

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Rodman is arguably the only person who shares a strong friendship with both controversial world leaders. This gives him a unique position to comment on fragile U.S.-North Korea relations. In the episode, Rodman details his multiple trips to Pyongyang and his involvement in releases of American hostages Kenneth Bae and Otto Warmbier.

He also shares his advice to President Trump in improving relations with the American people – and even gives his bold prediction for the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Typically a show focused on money and business, “Get WealthFit” found itself in uncharted waters with Rodman.


“Who else can claim long hours spent in conversation with both Kim Jong Un and President Trump?” asked host, Dustin Mathews.  “I found his insights on these enigmatic leaders rare and fascinating … so we went there.”

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