Christmas Tree Farmers Urge Americans to “Keep it Real” This Holiday Season

family pulling their freshly cut christmas tree

With two weekends to go before Christmas there are still plenty of real Christmas trees available for holiday shoppers, despite some reports to the contrary.

“Growers and retailers from coast to coast report that the fresh tree supply is still plentiful at choose-and-cut farms, at retail and seasonal lots, and also at big box stores,” said Marsha Gray, Executive Director, Christmas Tree Promotion Board. “Demand for Christmas trees this year is strong, so we do encourage shoppers to head out to get their Christmas trees as soon as possible to ensure they have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.”

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From the scent to the search, the experience of selecting a real Christmas tree makes memories that simply can’t be manufactured. To celebrate the season, The Christmas Tree Promotion Board and Red Tricycle invite consumers to enter the “Real Trees, Real Memories” contest by sharing a photo or video of their real Christmas tree memory-making experiences for a chance to win cash prizes.

Not only are real Christmas trees better for creating lasting family memories, they are also better for the environment because they are biodegradable and can be recycled or reused for mulch, whereas artificial trees are thrown away seven to ten years after they’re purchased and will then sit in a landfill for centuries. In addition, Christmas trees are a real crop, farmer-planted and hand-harvested specifically for people to enjoy. Christmas tree farmers plant at least one new tree for every real Christmas tree they harvest.

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Make finding a real Christmas tree part of your family’s holiday tradition this year. From neighborhood stores and local farms, to seasonal lots and even online, the perfect real Christmas tree is available no matter where you like to shop. For more information, visit or