Hotels.Com Offering Millennials “Safe Space” From Holiday Stress and Hassles

Secure 50% Off a Hotel Stay to Avoid 50 Million Questions on Why You’re Still Single

Imagine you’re a millennial who just wants to be left alone and not have to be an adult.  You just want to be able to do your own thing during the holidays this year and disappear from reality with your smartphone, laptop and just binge watch Netflix and Disney Plus.

Well, this year, is enticing millennials to run away from it all.

“This holiday season, is giving the gift of peace (and quiet!) by launching an exclusive discount rate for millennials in need of a break from overwhelming family fun. The 50% off XmasEscape rate has been designed to help the 168 million single millennials1 worldwide who’ll be surrounded by smothering parents and their coupled-up family members over the holidays. This special rate can be claimed on select rooms at on December 25, as according to new research, twenty-somethings confess they’re ready to escape their homes by 2:01 p.m. on Christmas Day,” says.  “‘Tis the season to be reminded that you’re single!’s new research shows boomers will spend three hours harassing their non-conforming relatives about their inept “adulting” this Christmas. Over a quarter of North American millennials (36%) said their single status was one of the top critiques from family members.”

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The press release reads:

Being unattached at Christmas doesn’t just mean continuous family judgment. Other struggles for millennials include being surrounded by relationships, feeling left out of the romance and gross public displays of affection ― enough to bring out any resting grinch face.

On the flip side, most of these singles are indeed happy with their relationship status. Topping the list of the best bits of flying solo at Christmas include being able to spend their time exactly how they please, having no responsibilities, and having one less person to buy a present for.

It takes less than 48 hours for these young adults to be ready to run screaming out the front door. research predicts that 2:01 p.m. on Christmas Day is the moment they will have had enough of the family festivities, with over half (52%) admitting they dread the inevitable small talk about their relationship status that comes with the territory of a family holiday gathering.

Breaking News:  UFO sighting reported at the Jersey Shore, what was it? is championing naughty and nice, single and proud millennials with the XmasEscape Rates. The discount code XMASESCAPE is designed for all the happy singles who could do with a little seasonal solo R&R. The single-exclusive rates can be claimed on December 25 for same-day stays ― just when everything is getting a bit much.

“This holiday season, doesn’t want you to drop major funds on a much-deserved seasonal escape,” shared Adam Jay, President of “We’re here to give the gift of ‘me time’ with our #XmasEscape Rates allowing all those out there who are #SingleAF to have the selfish and bright celebration of their dreams.”

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Sound appealing? Claim “XmasEscape Rates” by simply heading to or downloading the mobile app, on December 25. You can select your hotel and apply the coupon code XMASESCAPE at checkout (limited availability).

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Boomer parents spend three hours nagging millennials about inadequate “adulting”