Jersey Shore Insider: Six Million Dollar Man, Ocean County GOP Chairman Gets a 17% Raise at Ocean County Board of Elections

TOMS RIVER-Ocean County’s GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman, III and his politically connected accounting firm take in over $6,000,000 annually in publicly appointed financial auditing contracts around the State of New Jersey.    After being elected to chairman of the Ocean County Republican Party this past spring, Holman’s first action was to appoint himself as chairman of the Ocean County Board of Elections.

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This week, Holman got a pay raise for his public position he appointed himself to at the county.

Holman’s annual stipend for sitting on the board was $22,500 annually.  This week, he bumped his salary up by 17%, to $26,400.

When Holman won his election, he promised more opportunities for younger republicans, minorities and women, but his first action was to give himself a job on the election commission.

Earlier this year, Holman came under fire after it was discovered that his firm donated nearly $1,000,000 to victorious Democrats in statewide elections.


An internet meme circulating showing OC Chairman candidate Frank Holman as the “Six Million Dollar Man”.

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