Singh Calls on Cory Booker to Recuse Himself During Senate Impeachment Hearing


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ATLANTIC CITY-The Senate Democrats in Washington, D.C. are on a mission, to give life to the Congressional Democrat’s impeachment of President Donald J. Trump and try to use that impeachment process for their upcoming elections.

Cory Booker, New Jersey’s U.S. Senator in perpetual absentia is now front and center in the impeachment process, but Hirsh Singh, the Republican candidate hoping to send Booker packing in November says the failed Presidential candidate should recuse himself from the process.

Singh called on Senator Cory Booker and the rest of the Democrat Senators who have run or are currently running for President to recuse themselves during the impeachment trial of President Trump which is set to begin today.

Hirsh said, “During his failed presidential campaign, Cory Booker made patently false and malicious statements about the President, calling him ‘worse than a racist’ and said he would like to punch the President in the face. It is fantasy to believe that Cory will be fair and impartial during the impeachment trial or that any of his fellow Democrat colleagues who have waged a campaign against the President would do the same.

“Cory Booker needs to do what is right for the people of New Jersey and recuse himself from the Senate impeachment trial today.”

A number of other Senate Democrats who are running for President have made a slew of hostile statements toward the President, which shows clear bias and prejudice. If this were a courtroom, these individuals would never be allowed to serve on a jury due to their slanted biases.

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Kamala Harris on Trump: 

“The fact we have a president of the United States who is clearly a racist, who has clearly been motivated by speaking to the lowest common denominator, has been so busy using what should be the most powerful tool of the president of the United States.” –Washington Examiner 8/5/19

Bernie Sanders on Trump: 

“We have a president who is a pathological liar, who is running, in my view, one of the most corrupt administrations in American history, who rightfully was impeached, was a racist and a sexist and a homophobe and a xenophobe and a religious bigot.” –LA Times, 12/26/19

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Amy Kloubachar on Trump:

“Back then, you had president in Richard Nixon who was paranoid and he delegated to some people to go break into the headquarters and get into a file cabinet to get dirt on a political opponent. That is basically what this president has done on a global basis.” -MSNBC, 12/1/19

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Kirsten Gillibrand on Trump:

“President Trump has committed assault, according to these women, and those are very credible allegations of misconduct and criminal activity, and he should be fully investigated and he should resign.” -CNN, 12/11/17

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