Antifa Protesters trash NYC Subways, NYPD Chief Speaks Out

NEW YORK, USA - JUNE 7, 2013: People wait at a subway station in New York. With 1.67 billion annual rides, New York City Subway is the 7th busiest metro system in the world.

NYPD Police Chief Terrence A. Monahan today said his officers will respond in kind as necessary to a series of overnight protests that vandalized the New York City subway system.  Chief Monahan said that the protesters attempted to assault police officers and overran train stations, vandalizing turnstiles and spraypainting graffiti on city property.

Chants of ‘f-ck the police’ rang throughout midtown Friday night as protesters rallied against the police department.  Several arrests were reported.

Today, America’s largest police force announced it will stand ready to protect themselves and the residents of the city from Antifa protestors.

Protesters poured glue in the NYC Metrocard readers and spraypainted anti-police profanity on the walls of the subway stations.

NYC Antifa made a simple comment on Twitter about the reason for the protest.

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“Why are people protesting cops? Because the cops are likely to kill you,” the group said, but banners and signs across the city said the protest was in reaction to a 2019 subway fare increase.