Jackson Township Conservative Republicans Endorse Trump, Singh, Smith & Vicari for 2020 Elections

ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA, May 25, 2016: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at campaign event in the Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim California to Thousands of fans and Supporters.

JACKSON-The Jackson Township Conservative Republicans have unanimously endorsed President Donald J. Trump and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh for the 2020 Republican primary election.

Additionally, the group endorsed Republican incumbents Congressman Chris Smith, who received 92% of the votes and Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari who received 70% of the votes by the 500 plus member group.   In 2016, 62.5% of Jackson Township voters voted for President Donald J. Trump in the Presidential election, making Jackson the 11th “Trumpiest” town in all of New Jersey.

The Jackson Conservative Republicans were formed after the regular Jackson Republican Club failed to endorse Trump in 2016, instead opting to split their delegate votes to each candidate in the 2016 Republican primary for President, the only official Republican Club that did not solidly endorse the President at that year’s nominating convention.


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To learn more about the Jackson Conservative Republicans, visit their page on Facebook.   Members participated in a 48-hour online poll to cast their votes.




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