Report: Type-A Blood Patients Could be More Vulnerable to Coronavirus

A report today from Fox News states people with type-A blood might be at slightly higher risk when it comes to the coronavirus.

“Researchers studying COVID-19 in its outbreak epicenter, Wuhan, and the city of Shenzhen found the proportion of Type-A patients both infected and killed by the disease to be “significantly” higher than those with the same blood type in the general public,” Fox News Reported.

You can read the full report here.

According to the report, the ABO blood group in 3,694 normal people in Wuhan displayed a percentage distribution of 32.16%, 24.90%, 9.10% and 33.84% for A, B, AB and O, respectively,
while the 1,775 patients with COVID-19 from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital showed an ABO distribution of 37.75%, 26.42%, 10.03% and 25.80% for A, B, AB and O, respectively.

It is estimated that 48% of the population is of type O, 38% is of type A, 10% is of type B and 3% are of type AB.

“A similar distribution pattern of high-risk blood group A and low-risk blood group O was observed in the dead patients. Specifically, the proportions of blood groups A, B, AB and O in the 206 dead patients were 41.26%, 24.27%, 9.22% and 25.24%, respectively. Blood group O was associated with a lower risk of death compared with non-O groups, with an OR of 0.660 (95% CI 0.479~0.911, P = 0.014, Table 1). To the contrary, blood group A was associated with a higher risk of death compared with non-A groups, with an OR of 1.482,” the report stated.

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