“Granny Scam” Pops Up in Berkeley Township Again


BERKELEY – This evening, Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr., and Police Chief Karin DiMichele want to remind residents that the Grandma or Grandpa scam known as the “Granny Scam” is back.


The “Granny Scam” is a scam that has been around a while. It usually rears its ugly head every so often.


The “Granny Scam” is when a frantic younger sounding person calls an unsuspecting senior. When the senior answers the phone the scammer immediately says in a frantic or upset tone grandma or grandpa.

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“The scam stories have varied from year to year. The most common are they were in an accident and they need money immediately to pay the tow truck driver or they were arrested and needed bail money. In These instances the caller says please don’t tell my parents, I want to tell them or they don’t want to get into trouble.” Said Mayor Amato.


Residents should remain calm and ask questions before agreeing to do anything over the phone. Always verify by calling your children or grandchildren directly.

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” If you think you were a victim of a scam you should contact the Detective Bureau at: 732-341-1132 ext: 611 or citizens can contact the bureau via email at tips@btpdnj.org” said Chief DiMichele.