Carcinogens Found in Toms River Neighborhood Water Wells, Maruca Says “Test Your Water”


TOMS RIVER-Toms River Councilwoman Maria Maruca is calling for residents of Windsor Park, along Route 37 to test their wells for contamination.  The New Jersey DEP has found concentrations of trichloroethylene and tetrachlorethylene in wells tested in this section of town.

Trichloroethylene was one of the primary chemicals responsible for the Ciba-Geigy cancer clusters.  According to the New Jersey DEP, trichloroethylene (TCE), and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) were found in private irrigation wells in the Cardinal Drive/Oak Ridge Parkway area. The health risks associated with these compounds is dependent upon the degree of exposure from these private wells. They are both well-known human carcinogens.

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The New Jersey DEP contacted 41 property owners regarding possible PCE and or TCE contamination – five (5) tested positive, ten (10) tested negative, and (26) were not given access. Of the five wells that have tested above the State’s standard, two already have a POET (Point of Entry Treatment) filtration system installed, and the other three have been offered POETs.

The chemicals are often used in mechanical degreasing products and drycleaning services.

“If a well does test positive for these compounds, a second confirming test will be ordered. During that time between the second test, residents are encouraged to drink bottled water and keep receipts,” Toms River Township Officials said. “If the second test comes back positive, the NJDEP will reimburse the cost for the drinking water and will then offer a POET system.”

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The source of the contamination has not yet been identified by township or NJ DEP officials.

A news release is available on the Toms River Township website.


Photo Credit: My Fit Station