Spotlight Take Out of the Day: Riv’s Toms River Hub Toms River

TOMS RIVER-The great room of Riv’s Toms River Hub has gone quiet.  A nightly locals fixture since the beginning of time, the former Toms River Hub site (and subsequent mediocre venues in between) is now owned and operated by Tony Rivoli, of Rivoli’s Italian Restaurant fame.

Tony Rivoli closed his Fischer Boulevard restaurant several years ago, but now operates two bars, Riv’s Toms River Hub on Hooper Avenue in Silverton and Rivoli’s Grill and Chill in Howell.

There’s one thing about Tony Rivoli’s restaurants that has remained the same since his days at Rivoli’s…you’ll never be disappointed!   The service at Riv’s has been great. It’s been hands down the best restaurant to occupy that space and although it’s mostly bar style food, apps, the dinners are insanely good.   Lately, Rivoli has been sneaking some of his Italian restaurant classics into the specials menu and his amazing chicken parmigiana and stuffed chicken parmigiana has even made its way onto the daily dinner menu.

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Riv’s now even has a sensory dining room for families with special needs and autism, away from the main dining room and bar.

When things went south at the Shore after Superstorm Sandy, Rivoli fed the first responders on the barrier island. His kitchen ran almost 24/7 feeding those helping in the recovery effort.  Having to close your new bar and restaurant isn’t easy for anyone and probably worse during your first year, but Riv’s is now providing curbside pickup of their incredible menu daily.

“we’re here for all of your takeout needs,” Tony Rivoli said.  “It’s so important, now more than ever, to continue to cultivate a sense of community. Please tag us in your photos at Riv’s Hub when picking up your orders. We’re going to get through this together, and we’ll create a photo wall we can all look back on to remember how we stuck together when times got tough.”

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Find out what’s on the menu every day by following Riv’s Toms River Hub on Facebook and leave somebody else to guard your stockpile of toilet paper for a few minutes and spice up your coronavirus confinement.

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