Firearms Fingerprinting at a Standstill As Murphy Administration Continues Playing 2A Games

While folks who went through the “NJ meat grinder” that is the firearm permitting process these past weeks to get their firearms permits in-hand and then go back to the store celebrating the NICS portal being turned back on this morning, there remains a HUGE, little-known problem here in NJ with firearms fingerprinting for all new applications! THERE ISN’T ANY! At least not in the Toms River, NJ area! We have first-person interviewed Christina, a CNJFO supporter, NJ teacher & firearms owner, who’s parents in their mid to late 50’s, have decided that NOW is the time to get serious about self-protection! Here’s the UGLY truth!

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Christina’s parents live in Toms River, NJ and right now Toms River is only accepting online electronic firearms applications through the new FARS system. When reached today, IdentoGo, the company hired by the state of NJ to provide fingerprinting services for firearms applicants, told Christina, “IdentoGo employees can no longer access their own software to enter fingerprints for firearms into the system”. IdentoGo further stated, “NO FINGERPRINTING FOR FIREARMS IS ALLOWED!”.

“My parents are in righteous FEAR that something will happen to them, that they’ll be attacked, that a HOME INVASION may happen! What can I do, I live 2 HOURS away!” —Christina

Without new applicants being able to submit fingerprints, the entire application process is but a farce. The online FARS system isn’t providing a solution as of yet, and Christina is worried. Guess who IdentoGo takes their marching orders from? You guessed it, NJ Governor Phil Murphy, 2nd Amendment hater extraordinaire! Was this an “oversight” to not remind IdentoGo that they can once again accept fingerprint requests from firearms permit applicants OR was this a deliberate attempt to impede the flow of guns into new gun owners hands? We’ll leave that to our readers…

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