Mrs. Kinter, Lee Fierro Dies from Coronavirus at 91


In the 1975 hit movie Jaws, young Alex Kinter fell victim to the great white shark that would go on to terrorize Amity Island.  Kinter became somewhat of a pop culture icon and so did his mother, Mrs. Kinter, played by actress Lee Fierro.

Fierro was 91 and it was announced that she had passed away from complications suffered after being infected with the coronavirus.

She was a resident of Martha’s Vineyard, but was a patient at an Ohio assisted living care facility.  Fierro’s family is planning a small private service for Lee Fiero with a public ceremony to be held later this year in Martha’s Vineyard where she worked as a teacher at the Island Theatre Workshop until 2017.

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Alex Kinter, who was the second victim of the Jaws franchise was played by Jeffrey Voorhees, who has managed a bar called the Wharf Club in Martha’s Vineyard for over 25 years.

Legend has it that one day Lee Fierro went into the Wharf Club and mentioned that she was in the Jaws movies, then Jeffrey came running out to greet her and let her know he  played her son.