Mo Hill Practices Safe Social Distancing While Checking Up on Side Walk Crews


TOMS RIVER-Toms River Mayor Maurice B. “Mo” Hill ventured out again for another township photo-op during the COVID-19 pandemic to inspect workers replacing existing sidewalks in Silverton’s Holiday City and replacing them with ADA compliant ramps.

“Yesterday Mayor Mo Hill and Township Engineer Bob Chankalian did a site visit to Holiday City where Earle Paving Company is starting our road repaving projects,” Hill’s press secretary reported.

This was the third photo-op conducted by Hill in the past 7 days. This time, no less than eight paid workers were being recorded doing a job that would normally take one mason and a laborer in the private sector.

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Mo’to Photos

These photos are definitely an attempt to show Hill’s motivation to be seen by the public and when he’s not busy playing blue-collar worker for the camera, the retired Dentist and Navy admiral is launching $300 per hour investigations into his own town.

Last week, he donned his police officer’s badge for a staged photo shoot, then rolled up his sleeves and helped some DPW workers dispose of some bulk trash.

Let’s hope Mo doesn’t have “the rona”, because he’s coming in contact with an awful lot of people unnecessarily to show the great job he’s doing.   If Mo’ doesn’t deserve hazard pay, I don’t know who does, except maybe the dozens of people he’s running around “photo-opping” and the unlucky town employee being forced to follow him around town with a camera.

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Mo, where are the PPE’s?