Jersey Man Charged for Ballin’ in the Park


For some people, ballin’ is in the blood and nothing is going to keep them away from doing their favorite thing in life, not even the coronavirus, not even Governor Phil Murphy.

In Lindenwold, New Jersey, police arrested 20 year old Willam L. Joseph who just wanted to shoot some hoops by himself.  The problem is, shooting hoops has been outlawed across the Garden State thanks to Governor Phil Murphy and local officials in Lindenwold.

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Police say they warned Joseph prior that he can ball until the coronavirus passes, but you can’t keep a good man off the court.  Joseph was charged by police.

  • William L. Joseph, 20 , of Lindenwold, was charged yesterday, April 8, with violating the emergency orders and defiant trespass, both disorderly persons offenses. Joseph was previously warned that outdoor basketball courts in the borough are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but police found him playing basketball in a park. Signs also indicated that the court was closed.

Photo by Tim Mossholder.