Towns Are Now Filling in their Skate Parks to Keep Kids out


SOUTH WINDSOR, CT- Towns across America, struggling to keep kids from being outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic are finding new ways to keep skateboarders out of their local skate parks.  In South Windsor, Connecticut, after the town dumped a truck load of sand on the skate park, police were later dispatched as two men were caught clearing the sand.

“Officers responded to the skate park at Nevers Road Park for a trespassing complaint,” West Windsor Police said. “The complainant indicated he observed two males sweeping the sand off the skate park.”

Township officials placed the sand a few days prior to force compliance with the city’s attempts to stop skaters from congregating in the park.

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Shane McCarthy and Stephen Misiura were each issued a complaint for simple trespassing.

In New Jersey, the skate park in Stafford Township has also been closed in this manner.

South Windsor officials dump sand on local skate park after residents ignore social distancing guidelines from Connecticut


Without government who will… fill in the skate parks with fucking dirt from Anarcho_Capitalism