Illegal Barbershop Shut Down for Violating Murphy’s Law

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Even with the shades down in his barbershop that was operating during the COVID-19 business prohibition period, Kenneth Robles of Cherry Hill couldn’t stay far enough underground to avoid detection.   He was charged after cops were tipped off that he was performing illegal haircuts, locked behind his rolldown gate and with the shades down.

Police were able to stop the heinous crime and shut down the business.  He was charged with violating Murphy’s Law.

Kenneth D. Robles, 40 of Cherry Hill, was charged by the Pennsauken Police on April 9 with violating the executive orders for opening his business, Top Notch Barber Shop in Pennsauken. He was cutting a client’s hair with the windows covered and a roll-down gate over the door.

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