Man Assaulted for Laying Down Dope Tracks During COVID-19

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PATERSON- Shakeem Sanders was just trying to lay down some dope tracks in his Paterson recording studio, but his neighbors apparently didn’t like him violating Murphy’s Law.   He was attacked and injured by an unknown assailant. Police are investigating.

Shakeem Sanders, 23, of Paterson, was charged on Saturday, April 11, with violating the emergency orders for operating his recording studio at 463 Grand Street in Paterson. Police responded early Saturday to a report that Sanders had been attacked and wounded by an unknown assailant while operating the studio. The investigation of the attack is ongoing.

A second man mixing tracks in Paterson was also charged by responding police.

Brendan R. Vidulich, 34, of Hewitt, has a recording studio on the same floor as Sanders’ studio at 463 Grand Street in Paterson (see previous case). He was also charged on Saturday, April 11, with operating his studio in violation of the emergency orders.

Photo by Wendy Wei.


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