Taxes Up 7%, Town Shut Down, Except for Mo Hill’s $300 Per Hour Political Investigation

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TOMS RIVER-Toms River Councilman Terrance Turnbach is convinced that somebody in town hall is leaking secret discussions held by himself and fellow elected officials and is doubling down on a $300 per hour investigation, according to the Asbury Park Press today.

Toms River’s elected officials have a financial avalanche coming their way.

  • $20 million must be paid to Ciba-Geigy after losing a lawsuit.
  • Mo Hill announced $800 in additional spending to pay for COVID-19 expenses.
  • School budget devastated by Murphy/Sweeney Cuts.
  • 7% tax increase proposed by Mayor Mo Hill.

This year’s 7% budget increase includes a quarter-million-dollar new shooting range for police officers and nearly $4,000,000 in new garbage truck purchases.

Those two expenses alone make up for most of Mo Hill’s 7% increase and it’s not known how long this $300 per hour political witch hunt will cost the town.


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