Why we’re all pissed off that you can’t social distance

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There are a few hot spots in New Jersey where people just can’t seem to follow the rules of social distancing and working as one community to get all of us through this pandemic.  Governor Phil Murphy has consistently used the terms, getting beyond the curve before he’s ready to open up our state for business again.

We all want to be safe.  We all want to make sure we end this pandemic, but this is an “all hands on deck” matter and in many cases, a life and death matter.  We’re watching our grandparents, aunts, uncles and in some cases, our dear close friends battle this disease to survive.  It’s a very ugly battle. Many of us have already lost friends and loved ones.

So why the f’ck can’t you follow the rules that all of us are following?  You’re selfishness and ignorance is affecting millions of people.  If you want to go out, get sick and spread the disease in your community, that’s not ok, because what you and your community do, affects me.  It affects my community and it affects our lives too.

  • Our businesses are closed and we’re all hurting financially. Unless you’re a government worker, you’re probably not having a great time right now.
  • Our kids want to be kids.  When you do the stupid things you’re doing, you’re robbing all of the children in New Jersey of a childhood this year.
  • Our health is important and we’re trying to dodge bullets when we go into public, but you keep reloading the gun.
  • Our well being is at stake. Your inability to “Stay the F’ at Home” as Samuel Jackson so eloquently put it, is ruining everyone else’s ability to live a normal life.
  • The longer you ignore the rules, the longer we all have to suffer.
  • We’re watching from afar as you infect your neighbors and friends, but we’re also very concerned about how that infection is now spreading in our community.
  • The blood of future victims is now on your hands, but you don’t seem to care.
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So please, listen to Samuel L. Jackson, “Stay the f-ck at home!”

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