Pizzeria Owner Charged for Letting His Employees Not Wear Masks, Gloves Near Hot Pizza Oven


Pizzeria owners should take notice, because if it can happen in Cherry Hill, it can happen anywhere in the state.  Today, a pizzeria owner was charged after he let his workers take off their face masks near the restaurant’s hot pizza oven.

He also said customers couldn’t understand workers wearing masks when calling in pizza orders.

Jeffrey Brady, 62, of Cherry Hill, the owner of Corrado’s Pizza in Sicklerville, was charged yesterday, April 15, by the Winslow Township Police with violating the emergency orders because his employees were not wearing facial masks or gloves. Brady advised it was too hot near the ovens for his employees to wear masks and customers could not understand them on the phone with their mouths covered.

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Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash