“I have the coronavirus!” Said Combative Man Who Spat on State Troopers


HAMPTON, NJ – A Hampton man became combative and threatened police with coronavirus and spat and coughed on responding state police troopers.  He was charged and taken to the hospital.

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Daniel Lurie, 48, of Hampton, N.J., was arrested on April 19 by the New Jersey State Police on charges of terroristic threats during an emergency (2nd degree), resisting arrest (3rd degree), throwing bodily fluid at an officer (4th degree), obstruction (4th degree), and violating the emergency orders. State troopers were called to Lurie’s residence on a “medical assist” after Lurie called 9-1-1. When troopers arrived, Lurie was combative. He allegedly stated he had the coronavirus and spat and coughed on troopers. He was arrested and taken to the hospital.

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