Dad Flips Out After Kid Hits Home Run


A video of a dad tossing meatballs to his young son has gone viral today.  Not to steal any thunder, we’ve all had that “dad” moment the first time your kid hits a home run, but let’s face it, this was a t-ball field and he was throwing big-ass softballs at his kid, so eventually, the math is going to add up and one’s going to clear the 120 foot fence.  Not to mention he totally casted on the ball. Just wait until he gets one high and inside, he’ll never get around on it.   Ok, a little harsh, I can put my money where my mouth is and show my daughter’s first t-ball home run…and ya, she missed every freaking base on her jog around the bases. She took the 0-1 pitch down the left field line and those other 4 and 5-year-olds just couldn’t get the ball home in time.  Inside the parker, but ok, it’s still a dinger in the books and to make it worse, the other team had 25 infielders, apparently.   Scroll down to see that.

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