Unhappy With NJ’s Unemployment Failures? Murphy Says, “Go to another state”

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TRENTON, NJ – Donald Trump has been making some odd remarks under stress and duress during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Nobody in America would probably deny that.  In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy, responding to a reporter’s question about residents being upset over the unemployment benefits fiasco that has been going on raising the bar on insensitivity and reckless behavior by an elected official.  There has been a widespread call for the resignation of Robert Asaro-Angelo, New Jersey’s head of the Department of Labor, this is what Murphy had to say.

“Rob’s not going anywhere, this is a 500-year flood and he is and his team has laid it out,” Murphy said of his friend.  “But all I would say is to anyone who thinks that, go to another state.”

So, let us get this straight, did the Governor really mean to say if you’re not happy not being allowed to legally work and not receiving unemployment benefits, you should leave?  Or did he mean you should go look at the failures of other Democrat run states across America?   It would not be the first time Murphy told people if you don’t like his socialist style of governing, you’re free to leave New Jersey.  He’s the guy who once told resident, if you don’t like taxes, you’re probably not going to like New Jersey.

“New Jersey’s performance in this regard, and this isn’t going to give comfort to anyone, but New Jersey performance is in a different place than most other states, so Rob’s not going anywhere,” Murphy said, doubling down on his support of the Department of Labor’s effort.

What do you think Murphy meant with his statement?

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