Frank Holman Has Eyes for McGuckin’s Ex-Wife for $80,000 Election Board Job

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman has returned from his month-long isolation in the mid-west where he has been hiding out from the NJ COVID-19 pandemic.  Apparently, with municipal courts opening this weekend, his significant other had to return to work on Monday.  Now that he’s back, Holman is once again greasing the wheels of political corruption in Ocean County according to several party insiders.    Insiders at the Ocean County Board of Elections have said Holman has tapped Beth McGuckin to fill a high paying supervisor job with the board.  That seat comes with an $80,000 salary.  This comes just hours after her ex-Husband, Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin struck the motherlode in Toms River.   McGuckin last night was illegally given a $400,000 per year job by his political waterboy, Mayor Maurice Hill.   McGuckin now holds 25 public jobs including three jobs in Toms River alone, worth close to $1,000,000 annually.  Not a bad week for Clan McGuckin.

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Just a few years ago, McGuckin was facing a $125,000 tax lien on his Toms River home, which was later purchased by his business partner, Jerry Dasti, according to Ocean County tax records.  Now, McGuckin is on the rebound, on the backs of Ocean County taxpayers…while those taxpayers are out of work and unable to collect unemployment.  This American Dream was sponsored by T&M Associates, Remmington Vernick Engineers, Mo Hill, Scott Gartner and the township of Lakewood, where Holman serves as zoning board chairman.