Jersey Shore Senator Calls on Murphy to “Even the Playing Field” and Allow More Businesses to Reopen


FREEHOLD, NJ – New Jersey State Senator Vin Gopal, a Democrat is urging Phil Murphy to release the chains he has placed on New Jersey businesses and to open more businesses before the entire state economy collapses.  Small businesses are starting to feel the crunch after two full months of closures and many are starting to go out of business.

“I am a follower and believer in medicine, science, research and data,” Gopal said.  “I hope the Governor and State of NJ will look to open up the following areas this week. If they have some data or research to suggest otherwise, I hope they will release that.”

Here is Gopal’s Request to Governor Murphy

Appointment only car dealers

– This is allowed in New York with proper social distancing and cleaning precautions. NY dealers are now doing digital ads targeting NJ customers. My research indicates that 800 cars alone were sold in NY from NJ residents this past Friday. Time to allow this in NJ.

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Elective Surgeries

– I have spoken to residents in incredible pain. Physicians should decide what procedures should take place and the physicians I have spoken to are pushing for elective surgeries. As hospitalization rates continue to go down, lets let physicians decision what surgeries are necessary and what aren’t. NJ should allow this.

 Clarity on dental offices

– Dental offices are considered essential but it is important to provide clarity as far as what is allowed and what isn’t. Guidelines and do’s and don’ts should be publicized as soon as possible.

Tennis Clubs & Beach clubs

– They are trying to plan for summer. How can public tennis clubs at parks be open but not private ones? We need to allow both to begin planning for Memorial Day weekend, as long as all social distance guidelines take place. Guidelines and timelines should be publicized as soon as possible.

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Expanding construction

– If this can be done responsibly and with social distancing, it should be allowed.

Even the playing field

– You can go to a Walmart and buy a TV but can’t go to a local electronic store buy one. The state needs to even the playing field by allowing non-essential retail to do curbside. Our mom and pops are going to get killed while corporations are coming out big. The state should put out clear and responsible social distancing guidelines for this.

Allowing pharmacies to test responsibly.

– 48 other states currently allow this. While we speak of expanding testing, we need to allow independent pharmacies to test. They already do flu shots and so much more.s

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