Antojito’s Restaurant Owners in Irvington Receive Violations for Opening Bar in Violation of Murphy’s Law


IRVINGTON, NJ – Irvington police this week didn’t care that Antojito’s Restaurant serves up about the best Mexican food in the entire state when it came to issue summons to owners Diana and Dunia this week for opening their restaurant.  The owners received violations for allowed patrons inside, allegedly seating customers and serving alcoholic drinks.  They now face a 10 day suspension of their liquor license.  Diana Ron, 38, of Union, N.J. and Dunia Mora, 59, of Irvington, N.J., were both cited for violating the orders on May 11. Ron owns Antojito’s Restaurant in Irvington, while Mora is the restaurant’s manager. Both received a summons after police observed that the bar/restaurant was open for business on May 11 and serving alcoholic drinks to customers inside the establishment.

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