Obese chihuahua abandoned on New Jersey highway rescued from dog pound


RAMAPO, NJ – Stanley, a portly chihuahua was left on rt.80 trapped inside a crate -abandoned, disabled, and completely helpless according to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.  “It was an unimaginable sight. A chihuahua abandoned and locked inside a crate on the side of route 80 with cars speeding by. “Stanley” was completely immobile, frozen in fear and due to his distressing physical condition. All four of his legs are so badly deformed that Stanley is unable to walk,” the shelter said. “To compound his disabilities, Stanley weighs more than twice what he should, rendering him immobile. Stanely was abandoned, overweight, disabled, and completely helpless, on the highway, trapped inside a crate.”

Animal control picked up Stanley and brought him to their facility, where now he was stuck in a kennel alone, with barking dogs, frightened and unable to move out of his own urine and feces.

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“As soon as we heard about Stanley, we rushed to his rescue, got him the medical care he so desperately was in need of and placed him in a loving foster home,” the refuge said. “It is hard to imagine where Stanley lived before he was abandoned on the highway. He is approximately 8 years old and 21 pounds at 12 inches tall (he should be under 10 pounds). In his foster home, Stanley is able to prop himself up and attempts to drag himself around on his front legs. He mostly goes in a circle as he tries to reach his foster mom. Stanley will need to lose weight in order to be fitted for a wheelchair. Right now, we have selected a mobility device for Stanley to allow him to move about without going in circles while chafing his stomach and chest on the floor.”

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Here’s what the shelter had to say about Stanley:

His story is hard to tell and even harder to imagine. Stanley lives for today, but our minds can’t help but wander to Stanley’s past. In our moments of despair, we imagine Stanley trapped on the side of the highway, watching cars speed by, scared, confused and hoping for his people to return. But, we have to focus on you, our incredible community, who we know will come together to support Stanley, and his very special foster mom, who makes sure he gets to see the sun and feel the grass every day.

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Stanley has a long road ahead of weight loss, therapy and medical care. Travel that road with us. Please consider a donation for Stanley’s care and to purchase him a wheelchair after he has lost the weight needed to be fitted for one. Please consider sending Stanley a gift off his wish list to keep him comfortable and happy, as he slowly regains his mobility. Link here: https://cutt.ly/stanleyrbari

Please stay tuned for Stanley’s updates and journey to weight loss, mobility and a new life!