Point Boardwalk Now Open With “Social Amassadors” Not Following Murphy Guidelines

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POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ – The Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, after effectively shutting itself down to outsiders Memorial Day weekend is back open, now with social distancing “ambassadors”.   These ambassadors are here to ensure the public is properly social distancing and wearing PPE when applicable, which according to Governor Phil Murphy is whenever you’re within six feet of another non-familiar human being.   This photo posted to the “Reopen NJ” Facebook page by Melissa Gardner highlights the absurdity of it all.

Four social ambassadors were photographed congregating within six feet of each other.  Two of those ambassadors had their PPE down below their mouth and the third was all face touchy.  We’re not trying to harass these poor kids, but they were obviously not well trained by the borough before being put on the job and if the ambassadors don’t believe in their job, they shouldn’t expect others to believe in their mission.

When I worked for a company out of Boston as Regional IT Director, I had a disagreement about a fundamental technology philosophy with the CIO of the company that acquired our company.  We were a UNIX and Solaris based media solutions provider.   We were acquired by a company that was a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft solutions provider.  I was told within a year, our datacenter and all of our business operations had to be migrated to Windows platform servers.

I made the case to my CIO and the new executive board that UNIX is a far superior platform to Microsoft’s platform and products.  I gave a kick-ass presentation filled with facts.  In fact, I impressed the executive board of the corporation and they thanked me for the research, the science, and the facts so much, they put me in charge of the in-house migration.

Then my CIO, after telling me how brilliant my research was, gave me the bottom line.

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“We are a Microsoft Partner and one of the top tier solutions providers in the world now,” he said. “If we’re going to sell the dog food, guess what? We’re all going to eat the dog food. How do you expect our salespeople to close the nearly seven-figure deal on the table with the Bank of Mexico  to roll out an enterprise-level Microsoft solution, when we haven’t even done it yet internally?  If we’re pushing it, we’re eating it too.”

That’s really a lesson for young Paul Kanitra, the Mayor of Point Pleasant.   We don’t want to pick on these kids, it’s not their fault, but if Kanitra wants visitors in his town to eat Phil Murphy’s dog food, all of his employees need to also be eating the same brand of Phil Murphy dog food.



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