Murphy’s Weird Science: In June, your children can protest, but not attend a graduation ceremony


TOMS RIVER, NJ – All across New Jersey thousands of people are congregating in close proximity with each other, many not wearing PPE.  In some cases, there is “so-called” looting as Governor Phil Murphy described it.   Yet, as it stands now, thousands of 2020 graduating seniors across New Jersey will not be allowed to participate in proper high school graduation ceremonies because, according to the same governor who has given protests the green light, they are dangerous to our health.

Where is the science behind this? Governor Murphy, who last month said the Bill of Rights and Constitution was above his paygrade, today is saying well, that’s just for businesses and high school seniors.  When it comes to the Bill of Rights, suddenly it’s back in his pay grade when it turns out to be protests to a cause he personally is sympathetic to.

What happened to COVID-19?  Does anyone remember that?

Are protestors crowded into downtown urban areas any less vulnerable than a few hundred high school students spaced six feet apart on a football field are?  Are parents lining the bleachers and track around that field any different than the thousands of protesters showing up each day at these huge rallies?

There’s no science and decisions like this are why Phil Murphy is failing everyone in our state.  If Murphy can condone protests and rallies, but threaten police involvement for high school graduation, then something is seriously wrong…and sick in his mind.

The Governor should immediately allow June outdoor graduations with social distancing under the CDC guidelines this week so school districts can start planning because in New Jersey science has been thrown out the window.

Waiting until July for graduation ceremonies and not even telling people what the rules are is just wrong.  If we can riot today, there’s no reason these kids cannot graduate tomorrow.  The delay until July at this point is nothing more than a power move by the administration. There is absolutely no science behind what is happening in New Jersey today.

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