Phil Murphy’s DOE just added anal sex to New Jersey’s 8th grade public school curriculum


TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Department of Education has just updated the New Jersey Student Learning Standards – Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, a guide that lays out the guidelines of physical education in the school curriculum.     One of the new teachings will be in-depth discussions on anal sex.   Prior to this year,  the curriculum only stated that children should know that sexually transmitted diseases are communicable even during anal sex.  Now, the teachers must teach the students about anal sex.

“All students will acquire the knowledge and skills of what is most essential to become individuals who possess health and physical literacy and
pursue a life of wellness by developing the habits necessary to live healthy, productive lives that positively impact their families, schools, and
communities,” the DOE said.  “Successful preparation of students for the opportunities, rigors, and advances of the 21st Century cannot be accomplished without a strong and sustained emphasis on the health and wellness of all students.”

By the end of 8th grade, starting this fall, teachers will have to define vaginal, oral, and anal sex to their students.

Additionally, education that has been standard since 2015 include teaching students how to differentiate between gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation; identify factors that are important in deciding whether and when to engage in sexual behaviors; identify short and long-term contraception and safer sex methods that are effective and describe how to access and use them.

You can read the full document here.



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