He Called Police to Report His Store Was Just Robbed, Then This Happened

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DECATUR, ALABAMA – On Sunday night, Decatur police responded to a call of a liquor store robbery to find the owner holding a shoplifter at gunpoint. Police mistook the store owner for the shoplifter.  After being told to put his gun down, the store owner argued with the police officer before being punched by a responding officer.  The Decatur Police Department is investigating the incident.

Look how these officers from Decatur Police Department treated a local business owner! He called to inform them of him getting robbed and they end up breaking his jaw… They attacked the wrong individual! They allowed the ROBBER to walk away because he was a white MALE! This is what takes place when you just run in without evaluating the situation❗❗❗#PoliceBrutality #PrayersForKevinPenn #DecaturAL #ShareIf you're as outraged as I am… Go sign the petition to make body cams public record!!!! Hold these cops ACCOUNTABLE… Make them do what they swore to do… " PROTECT & SERVE ". Remembering Dana Sherrod Fletcherhttps://www.facebook.com/108242060710475/posts/166654434869237/

Posted by Adrianna Tapscott on Sunday, June 7, 2020

Press Conference — 6/8

Posted by Decatur Police Department Alabama on Monday, June 8, 2020

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