COVID-19 Cases Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels in Ocean County as 9 New Cases Reported

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The COVID-19 pandemic has subsided in Ocean County to a level not seen since March 19th, when 4 cases were reported before the pandemic testing began in full swing.  The numbers are good news from the Ocean County Health Department more than three full weeks after beaches and boardwalks were opened in Ocean County for Memorial Day.    Today, just 9 new cases reported.

Still, the county remains on lockdown by Governor Phil Murphy who is shoving a one-size-fits-all approach to the entire state of New Jersey.   The Ocean County Health Department does not break down new cases by age or whether or not those cases were from assisted living facilities.  Today’s numbers and cumulative data make the state of the pandemic in Ocean County just a little bit more clear.

So far, 9,200 cases have been reported in Ocean County in the first, nearly 100 days of the pandemic and 813 blessed souls have passed.  Of those 813 deaths, 81% were over the age of 65, many living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities that were forced to take in the infected elderly statewide, by Governor Phil Murphy.  The decrease in cases comes at a time when, according to Governor Phil Murphy testing is at its height and tests are now readily available for all.

The seriousness of the cases now being reported by the Ocean County Health Department are not being disclosed.  Across Ocean County, less than 2% of the population caught the disease.  Of that 2%, the majority of deaths in Ocean County were concentrated in assisted living facilities.

This is not to say COVID-19 isn’t serious or didn’t happen, it just had a bigger effect on the elderly, particularly those living in assisted living facilities.  In Manchester, 59% of the deaths were in assisted living facilities.  In Lakewood, 45% of all deaths were in those facilities.  In Brick, 93% of deaths were in assisted living facilities.  In Toms River and Jackson, 75% of the reported deaths were in assisted living facilities.

If you break it down more,  across Ocean County, less than 2% of the total population contracted COVID-19 and just one-tenth of one-percent died from the disease.

We’ve included our data, that we’ve been logging each day from the Ocean County Health Department, and here’s the breakdown for six of the larger towns in Ocean County.

We wanted to get this data out today, because God knows what is going to come out of Phil Murphy’s mouth this week.  The guy brags about the great job he’s doing, yet he sent thousands of seniors to their death and run the state with the second-highest COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

POPULATION # positive cases # died % Positive cases % population died % positive cases that died total # of cases in assisted living % Covid Cases in Assisted Living # of assisted living that died Number of cases that died NOT assisted living % positive cases NOT in Assisted living that died % of positive cases in Assisted that died % deaths in in assisted living % population deaths not in assisted living
JACKSON 55000 840 61 1.53% 0.11% 7.26% 175 0.208 46 15 25% 26% 75% 0.03%
TOMS RIVER 89000 1568 135 1.76% 0.15% 8.61% 220 14% 100 35 26% 45% 74% 0.04%
MANCHESTER 44000 768 120 1.75% 0.27% 15.63% 365 48% 71 49 41% 19% 59% 0.11%
LAKEWOOD 106000 2495 171 2.35% 0.16% 6.85% 331 13% 79 92 54% 24% 46% 0.09%
BRICK 76000 1121 123 1.48% 0.16% 10.97% 318 28% 114 9 7% 36% 93% 0.01%
BERKELEY 42000 689 86 1.64% 0.20% 12.48% 100 15% 29 57 66% 29% 34% 0.14%
LACEY 30000 237 11 0.79% 0.04% 4.64% 12 5% 0 11 100% 0% 0% 0.04%


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