Here’s Why Comparing NJ Coronavirus Deaths to World War II Deaths is Stupid

NEWARK, NJ – Today, New Jersey hit a milestone, the state death toll for COVID-19 just surpassed the total fatalities from New Jersey during World War II.   12,565 have died.   When you consider that half of the fatalities in New Jersey due to COVID-19 were due to Governor Phil Murphy’s policy to place infected senior citizens into nursing homes, that number of non-self-inflicted fatalities drops to 12,565.

According to the Ocean County Health Department, 81%  of COVID-19 deaths were aged 65 or over and 13% were 45 to 64 years old.   During World War II, most of the New Jerseyians who died were between the ages of 17 and 25 years old.

You’re comparing young men killed in combat to an aging senior citizen population that survived World War II, Korea and Vietnam with aging senior citizens who contracted the virus and instead of being given treatment in a proper hospital, were sent by Governor Phil Murphy to their deathbed in ill-prepared nursing homes, only to infect the staff and residents of those homes.

This is not an apples to apples comparison when you compare an aging population sent to their eventual death with the sending of young men who haven’t yet lived their lives, just out of high school to their death in a faraway warzone.  Both are self-inflicted and unnecessary, but to scare the general population into thinking we’ve hit some kind of horrific milestone to justify Governor Phil Murphy’s weird science on COVID-19 is just not accurate.  Remember, it was Murphy’s weird science that led to the death of many of our precious lost souls.

The under 44 population accounts for under 2% of the total deaths of COVID-19, approximately 250 people.

Maybe if Governor Phil Murphy was a little more honest in his daily COVID-19 briefing, we would see a better picture.

“Today, we say goodbye to Mavis Johnson, 92. Mavis lived a long and wonderful life, meeting her husband in a triage center in France during World War II.  Mavis and Fred went on to have 10 children, 42 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.   Mavis worked 24 years for Westinghouse before retiring to Palm Beach with her husband. Mavis returned to New Jersey to be with her grandchildren and contracted COVID-19.   I sent MAvis to a nursing home that was storing bodies in a shed, and she ultimately met her demise because the nursing home was overwhelmed with the amount of people they were being forced to take in,” is the reality Murphy doesn’t mention each morning.



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